New Things

Hello, again!

As I’ve been saying for a long time (are you sick of me yet?) I have been changing things around. Those changes are not limited to the look of the blog.

Here’s some new things I will be adding to the repertoire:

Posts about pretty things for the kitchen
Inspiring kitchens
Product reviews
Guest posts by some of my favorite bloggers/friends
A few of my favorite things

About a year ago, I wanted to start a blog that could be an outlet for my love of all things kitchen.

I live in a minuscule apartment with an even tinier kitchen. I dream of having an actual counter one day, in addition to a dishwasher and an oven that registers the same temperature as the dial. And how I would love to have cupboard space for all the pretty dishes I want to own.


So, for now, you can join me as a I dream and hope for my ideal kitchen. And maybe you’ll get some new ideas along the way, too.

Thanks for reading and enduring all these changes!


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