Favorite Things: Oilcloth

What is oilcloth?

True oilcloth is made from woven natural cotton fibers that are treated with oil, usually linseed oil. This process makes oilcloth waterproof and stain resistant, which makes it a great material for tablecloths and aprons.

I’ve found several online resources over the last few years that carry oilcloth.

Probably my favorite is Oilcloth International.

On their site, you can find free downloads for project ideas, cut and sewn products, and a gazillion swatches.

These are by far my faves:

(above images via Oilcloth International.)
I’ve always had a thing for blue, but now I totally thing for orange, too.

Other places I like to peruse:

Mendel’s Far Out Fabrics also carries oilcloth. And also has a good section on their site about caring for and using oilcloth–although it isn’t “true” oilcloth, it is vinyl adhered to woven cotton fabric, as most oilcloth available today is.

Reprodepot is another great source.

I came across a wonderful Etsy shop called, Modern June. (Modern June has a super fun blog, too.)

I was immediately in love because I am in love with oilcloth. I’m smitten with oilcloth, actually.

I absolutely love this apron. I am partial to roses for many reasons.

I really need a new tablecloth, too. The one I already have is fine, but I’m ready for a change.

When Baby #3 enters the picture and starts eating, I’m totally going to order this, a splat mat and bib combo. Oh, I am so in love with oilcloth. I can’t believe I don’t own more of it.

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  1. Land of nod has these darling oil-cloth drop cloths. I still want one for when c gets the desire to paint and we have white carpet everywhere if you get my drift. :)

  2. Ooh! You’re awesome! I love oilcloth but have had a difficult time finding a good selection! Thanks for all the links!

    That bib and splat mat set is fabulous!

  3. Oh My Goodness, You are so sweet! Thanks so much for all the kudos! How wonderful Oilcloth is one the rise again for sure! I have dubbed February oilcloth month! I sold over 25 splat mats and tablecloths last month. That is a record breaker of sure. I have to say they do make me so happy!

    I am so glad I found this link you have made my day!!!

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