The Cold, Hard Truth

Okay, okay, okay. Time to fess up.

I always suspect I’m pregnant when my cooking and baking falters. The perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe? Totally flops. The cookies come out thin, greasy, and crispy instead of soft and chewy.

So, here’s my confession. I’ve been trying–ever so trying–to start baking again now that the morning sickness has (almost) gone. I have to be careful about saying it’s gone because I know that’s just tempting fate.

The other day I made the most perfect batch of banana muffins I have ever made. EVER. In fact they were so perfectly domed and beautiful that my family and I devoured them in minutes after weeks of surviving on nothing but take-out and convenience foods. We ate them so fast that I neglected to take a picture of their perfect beauty.

I thought, “YES!!! I’m back!”

And well, since I was supposedly “back” I attempted to make more batches of muffins–gorgeous, picture worthy batches. I had many ripe bananas leftover from weeks of my kids eating them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and consequently overdosing on them. I started to make all sorts of things….

The muffins were horrid. No–worse than that.

There was the batch where I think I forgot to add baking soda…..they were pretty flat and funny tasting. And then I decided to try making a loaf of bread….that came out burned on the bottom, top and sides and runny in the middle. (I’m blaming my oven for that one.)

Oh–and then there was the ice cream that didn’t freeze and the Dutch Apple Pie that never browned and sat in puddles of butter–despite my efforts to remedy it. We still ate it!

So, what am I saying? I’m saying that I’m still waiting for my cooking mojo to return.

But, as luck would have it, I came across a file of photos and recipes that I made and never posted on. I will be back and posting regularly again soon.

Thanks for you patience!


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  1. by the way, sorry my congrats are late…I don’t have a morning sickness excuse for being behind on my blog reading, but I do have the just-had-a-baby excuse. I really hope the sickness is over for you – crossing my fingers!

  2. I wish I had a cache of hidden recipes. You can tell I was scrounging just to have something to post today before we go out of town, ha.

    Also, I wish I had something to point to for my kitchen problems. ;)

  3. I never told you congratulations on your pregnancy! I am so jealous! I’m definitely ready for our next one…I think. Anyway, you’ll get your mojo back soon, I just know it!

  4. you never have to apologize! plus your archives are fun & when ever i miss you, i just head there. and i too wish i had such a great excuse for my lack of cooking – i’m just not very good at it. prego or not prego!

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