My Wedding Cake

This was my wedding cake that I made five years ago today. My baking skills have come a long way since that day. I was an adventurous 21-year-old and I thought, “Why not? How hard can it be?” All it took was a little research and patience, and voilà! (It actually took weeks of planning.)

But it was delicious!

The bottom and top layers were spice cake with an orange marmalade filling. The middle was white cake with raspberry curd. I altered cake mixes (that’s right, I’ve used them before) to make the layers and soaked them with an orange-infused syrup. The white frosting was made from cream cheese, butter, a little shortening (for stability), and confectioner’s sugar.

I knew I wanted it to look rustic and homey–different from the cookie cutter wedding cakes I saw in the magazines. (Not that I don’t love those, too.) And it did look rustic. I also knew it had to be decorated with figs and cranberries, two of the most beautiful and complex fruits, in my opinion.

Today while we celebrate our love and our marriage, my husband and I can also celebrate our expanding waistlines and the continuing refinement of my cooking skills. Cheers!

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  1. I don’t know you and I don’t subscibe to posts of people I don’t know, but I love your blog. I read it every update. Keep posting! So, are you a chef? A Caterer? Great recipes, too!

  2. Oooh, love the figs. Ok, I still can’t get over the part that you made your own wedding cake – would you do that again? Seems like so much stress! But the figs are an awesome idea. I love those interesting touches. I had nuts – like chestnuts and the like, in my boquet. It was winter, my dress was mocha colored, and not much else went with white hydraengas or whatever else I used.

  3. I love how you describe how you knew how you wanted it to be and how important this was to you, I love that you think about little details like this.

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