I’m Back!

I’m back from vacation. I’ve enjoyed eating out so much that I don’t even want to cook. Oh–and it’s still so hot I can’t bear the thought of baking or cooking anything.

Watch for new things to come. Fall is my absolutely favorite time of year and I have a whole stash of recipes I’m dying to try.

Tomorrow I will post all about the fun new places we ate at while in Utah.

And now….some lemonade and a nap. I’m STILL jet-lagged.

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  1. They are a special, special, super-duper, secret recipe.

    I’ll post the recipe later this month. They are the perfect fall cookie that we call “Trick-or-Treat” cookies. They have honey and molasses and chopped up raisins in them. Other than that, they are a delicious and soft sugar cookie. You would love them, Jenni.

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