Blogger’s Lunch

Hey, anybody going to be in Utah on August 23rd? You are? Me, too!

Let’s get together for lunch.

E-mail me at, subject line: Lunch.

I’ll send you the details. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come. Don’t be shy!

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  1. Wow – your posts have been AMAZING!! I’m loving everything – and you know just how to explain it step by step! Although I wouldn’t mind shadowing you in your kitchen!!
    The lunch idea sounds like fun – hope it’s a success!!

  2. Linds – just remembered that cjane and I were going to meet up for lunch that day too – want to meet up? Sorry, should probably send you and email like you requested . . .

  3. I have a great idea- how about everyone hopping into a microbus after you eat lunch, drive on over to SF and have dinner with me and my newborn (Lord willing he comes by then).

    you know you want to lindsey.

    sad to be missing out.

  4. azucar–let’s try it!

    Kelly–Yay!!! I might finally get to meet you???

    Sara–don’t you want to drive up??

    Tif–I hope you can come, too!

    Jenn–let’s e-mail about this.

    Liz–What??? Like it’s going to be that hard to come to UT right after you give birth? Sheesh.

    Adriana–you and I have a date for kouing aman that next week.

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