Have You Tried: Sun-Dried Tomatoes?

I have to admit that sun-dried tomatoes have not always been high on my list…mostly because I had never really had them until a few years ago. And now? Love ’em. I always keep a few on hand. They really pack some flavor into so many different recipes. (See below for some ideas.)

I like to buy mine in a bag as opposed to packed in oil, but that is just out of preference and an minuscule effort to save a few calories.

And have I mentioned that they are so good for you with all that lycopene? They are even healthier when combined with a little oil or fat because lycopene is fat-soluable.

How-to: soaking and softening sun-dried tomatoes.



As a topping–slice thinly for a real boost of flavor

In place of a red sauce, use chopped sun-dried tomatoes on a white pizza with chicken, spinach, artichoke hearts, and a good melting cheese like Fontina. A great alternative to your regular Friday night pizza.

*Finely chop and add to polenta, biscuits, pasta sauce, salad, or even to spruce up a regular vinaigrette

My Recipes:

Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

I have couple more recipes that call for sun-dried tomatoes that I will post at a later date.

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  1. It’s SO good to see a blog entry!

    I love those little chewy, wonderful morsels! Especially on Mediterranean pizza from Papa Murphy’s.

  2. Ina Garten has a wonderful veggie dip that uses sun-dried tomatoes (& sour cream, mayo, cream cheese, green onions). It’s soooo good.

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