Coconut Ice Milk

 This is a quick, refreshing dessert to cool you off on a hot summer day.

Coconut Ice Milk
original recipe

11 oz. can light coconut milk (I like Trader Joe’s, of course)*
14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk**
2 cups milk

Whisk all the ingredients together and freeze in an ice cream maker or pour into a large rectangular (freezer-safe) pan and stir every couple of hours until frozen.

*Using full-fat coconut milk will not work for this recipe because the coconut fat will clump together as the mixture freezes. The clumps taste good enough, but are unsightly and make the ice milk lumpy.
**My mother-in-law requested some lower fat ice cream recipes. Hmm. I’m not sure low-fat homemade ice cream is edible. (ha, ha) This can be a lower fat recipe if you substitute fat-free sweetened condensed milk and 1% milk. (I wouldn’t use skim.)

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