Gluten-Free Peach, Plum, Raspberry Tart with Cardamom Cream and Almond Crust

raspberry tart

It’s Julia Child’s 100th Birthday today.  Sara Parkinson of BYU’s  Daily Universe interviewed yours truly along with my friends Becky Olsen and Kalyn Denny to find out how we were planning on celebrating Julia’s birthday.  Are you remember Julia today? We’re celebrating with this delicious gluten-free peach, plum, raspberry tart. The other night I hopped […]

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Grilled Cheese with Provolone, Fresh Tomato, and Arugula-Oregano Pesto

Sometimes I say to myself, “Really?  You’re going to post this on your blog?  Something people don’t really need a recipe for?”  And I say answer, “Yes.  I am.  Because you never know.  And it’s really, really tasty.  And look how pretty it is!” So here’s a recipe for a grilled cheese sandwich. :) My […]

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My Strawberry Patch.

My favorite thing about June is strawberries from my little patch.  They are so small and juicy.  I take the kids out with me in the morning and we pick the ripest berries.  The first round of berries is finished, so now we’ll wait until late summer for another crop.  I’ve been eating them every […]

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