Hi there! I’m Lindsey Johnson. Welcome to Cafe Johnsonia!

I am a freelance writer, recipe developer, food stylist + photographer based in Salt Lake City, UT. If you’re interested in working with me, you can read more about that here.

I currently contribute to Babble, Henry Happened, Design Mom, Petit Elefant (food), and Good Life Eats (food).

In 2010 I changed the way I eat completely and switched to a gluten-free and a predominantly plant-based (vegan) diet. You’ll notice that I have recipes of all kinds, but a lot of my recipes now fall within those parameters. My family is not gluten-free or vegan, so you will find plenty of other recipes in my archives, as well as the occasional new recipe that I’ve made for them. As of January 2014, all new recipes will be gluten-free and dairy-free.

Let me introduce you to my family!

robin and fred

This is my husband, Fred, and his Aunt Robin. Fred plays a big part as main recipe tester and also works behind the scenes. Aunt Robin is one of my dearest friends and shares a love of cooking and food. The three of us have had some fun adventures together, including a few days in Hawaii, where this picture was taken.


This is my oldest daughter, Lilly. She is always having fun wherever she goes (except when she’s tasked with cleaning her room!) Her favorite foods include Brussels sprouts and broccoli.


Next is Fritz. He is always happy and loves to cook. His favorite foods are toast, anything sweet (especially chocolate), and strawberries.


Betta is my youngest. She is a true redhead and we adore her fiery personality. She loves yogurt and fruit of all kinds, but her favorite food of all is oatmeal.