Happy Birthday Lilly!

Today is Lilly’s birthday. She came sailing into the world like she was in a hurry and she’s been in a hurry ever since. Once in awhile she holds still long enough for me to take her picture. She’s becoming quite the beauty, I think. Her eyes have always been blue with a spark of mischief and mystery.


I sure love this girl!

She requested a funfetti birthday cake, from a box, much to my chagrin. In previous years she has asked me to make a chocolate strawberry or strawberry-lemon cake. With real French buttercream and homemade fillings. The girl is a little food snob! But not so much this year. And because she is the Birthday Queen, she’ll get her wish. We’ll let her choose where she wants to go for dinner. Most years she’s picked a place where she can get a big juicy steak. This year she’s hinting at a really good local pizza place. :)

While I’m hanging out with Lilly on her special day, here are some of my latest posts on Babble.com.

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See you back here tomorrow! I’m gearing up to start sharing Thanksgiving recipes until you say stop. :)

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