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If I want to have a good cry, I can just go back and look at the thousands and thousands of pictures of my kids that I have taken over the years. Everyone said the time would go by quickly – that I’d blink and they would be all grown up. And when you’re in the midst of sleepless nights, teething, and diaper changes, it seems like it will never end.


Then one day you wake up and they are all in elementary school. Their little tiny shoes are gone. No more diapers. They can get their own drinks and read books to you. I never thought it was going to happen. I really did think they would be my babies forever.

I might have spent a good few hours looking at old pictures and crying for my babies. (insert ugly cry) They are so big now! I have to keep reminding myself that I need to enjoy them now – in the present, in whichever stage they are now. But I still wish I could go back for one or a thousand more days and snuggle those chubby babies (There I go tearing up again!)
I really did take it for granted. The days seemed like they would last forever. We could do whatever we wanted. No homework or school activities. We could go to the park everyday and meet up with friends. Their nap schedule was the only thing we had to keep to. We didn’t ever have to be anywhere. We could play all day long and watch Sesame Street while we ate breakfast. It was truly wonderful. If only then I could have enjoyed it. There’s a real lesson in that!

Gymboree has made a lovely little video celebrating children and childhood. It’s called Today We’ve Got To Play. And I might have teared up while I watched it. (sniff, sniff) It totally captures all those feelings and thoughts about the wonder and imagination of childhood.

So, here’s to childhood and holding on to it for a few more days…and enjoying the Now. And indulge me for just a moment while I share some of my favorite pics of my kids being kids.

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  1. Such beautiful photos, Lindsey. I miss the little tiny toes and the scent of babies – even though I have a 6 month old grandson, it’s not the same. But that’s what makes us mothers forever, isn’t it?

  2. My favorite memory of my kids was when they first started smiling. My son started smiling at 6 weeks and my daughter at 3 weeks, and I must have taken 100 photos of each of them.

  3. My favorite memory so far is last week when my daughter looked at me and grinned and giggled last week, she is just one month old so we are just starting to make memories!

  4. Loved this. As one of those in the middle of teething and tears and diapers and long days and nights, I needed the reminder! Also, just wanted to tell you how beautiful your lunch photos have been on Design Mom. You are SO very talented. Happy to be your blog friend!

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