Better Homes and Gardens Stylemaker Workshop Recap

Last week I attended the Better Homes and Gardens Stylemaker Workshop in New York City.  It was amazing!  I was so happy to have been able to attend.  I met some fantastic fellow bloggers and was able to do and see some fun things in Manhattan.  I haven’t been back since we moved five years ago.  That was clearly way too long!

I had my phone handy to snap some quick pics from my fun-filled day in NYC.

The workshop was held at The Humphrey at the Eventi Hotel.  We ate lunch at the pop-up restaurant, Brighton, located adjacent to the hotel.

During the day there was a great workshop where the other attendees and I were able to meet with the BHG editors and social media team to talk about the magazine and how to pitch ideas.  We held met together in groups for roundtable discussions about food and style trends.  My favorite session, which won’t surprise you, was the one with Eddie Ross.  (Eddie Ross!)  He and a BHG photographer gave us a behind-the-scenes view at what it’s like to style a photo shoot. 

He talked about how he puts certain pieces together and great places to shop for props.  Hint – Goodwill and other thrift stores are your best friend.  My favorite tip was to window shop at the expensive places (like fancy antique stores) to train your eye to see the good stuff when you’re thrifting, or scrounging, as we lovingly call it. :)

Eddie showed us three takes on a Thanksgiving table and how he goes about propping and styling it.  Amazing!  I took comfort in knowing that I’m on the right track, but I sure did learn some great tips from him.  I think I’m afraid to be bold or mix patterns.  I feel like I’m a little more confident with that now.

 I also loved watching the photographer in action.  I can never decide which thing I like better – the styling or the photography.  I learned a few photography tips too.  Man, I loved this workshop!

They also showed us how to manipulate and move items around on the table so the picture is as pleasing as the table setting itself.  Things like moving a glass or fork a little in one direction, or removing an item that is distracting.  Tiny little details are what make for the best pictures.  The goal is to make it look perfect without making it look like you tried too hard.  I’m excited to practice, practice, practice!

It was fun to see my friend, Sheri Silver.  I also got to seemeet and mingle with more fabulous bloggers.  So many talented and creative people under one roof!  I love it!  One tip I learned a long time ago is to spend time with people who inspire you creatively and that’s a major reason I loved this workshop. 

Later in the evening we attended a great party and panel discussion.

New BHG contributor, Maxwell Ryan from Apartment Therapy, moderated the panel discussion.  I loved his keynote at Alt Design Summit, and it was fun to hear more from him and the panelists, Eddie Ross, Annette Joseph and Kayce Hughes.  They were very entertaining and fun to hear more about them and what they do.  I’m so glad I was there!

Another great part of the workshop?  The amazing swag.  I have never seen a swag bag as amazing as this one was.  So much great stuff!

A big thanks to BHG and the sponsors for a fantastic event!  You can see more pictures from the workshop here.

Stay tuned for more of my East Coast adventure recaps to come over the next few weeks.  I have some more fun things to share with you!

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  1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing all this brilliant and fun info. YOu must have had a blast, wow. ANd I love the shooting by the WINDOW photo images, great way to bring in NATURAL light. I would have never thought it could be done like that. Thanks a million for sharing grrreat tips:O)

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