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Father’s Day is approaching and I’ve once again partnered with as part of their Pin It For Papa Sweepstakes.  Read below for details on the giveaway.

Cardstore asked me about the things I enjoy doing with my dad. Let me first say that my dad is an all-around great guy. You won’t find a better or truer friend. He is always doing something to help someone else.

 This is a picture of him holding me right after I was born.  (Don’t we both look so much younger?!)

This picture above is another one that I love. I remember that day just like it was yesterday. We took a long drive up to Idaho with my grandparents to see different groups of Native Americans perform traditional dances. It was awesome. I’m the one in the pink shirt sitting on my dad’s lap. My dad was always a good sport about going places and doing things together as a family. When my dad is around, there’s always fun to be had.

My dad and my stepmom

I’m in the midst of reorganizing a bunch of stuff and I couldn’t find the pictures I was looking for of us fishing together. My dad didn’t enjoy fishing so much, but at our request (mostly mine) he eventually started buying the proper equipment and gear and that was something we were able to do together. Every summer we spent time in the mountains and he’d let me tag along with the men folk when they did more serious fishing. I’m still proud to day I can rig up my own pole, catch fish, clean and cook them.

I just liked being with my dad. He was very patient with me when I asked to accompany him to the hardware store or other errands. I tried my best to help him trench for the sprinkling systems he put in our various yards, or when he was framing and building rooms in our basement. My dad is very handy around the house. I learned a lot by watching him.

One of the greatest things about my dad is how supportive he is. He was always there cheering us on at school events or staying up late to help with school projects, or to build his four year old daughter an AWESOME car out of cardboard (complete with black and gold trim and white wall tires, if I remember it correctly) for the kids’ drive-in movie at church.

I give my dad a lot of credit for this blog and some of the other things I’m doing now. When I had my first child, we were so poor and lived 2000 miles away, so my dad bought us a computer and gave me a digital camera so I could keep in touch and share pics of my kids. It was that digital camera that revived my love of photography and it was with that camera I started taking my very first food pictures.

Did I mention, too, that my dad has always been a fan of my cooking and baking? It was always fun to make things for dinner that I knew he’d like. My parents both worked outside the home and that was kind of hard on all of us. I had to step up and really help out around the house. Making dinner was something I enjoyed doing and my dad was always very complimentary about my cooking experiments. There is no bigger fan of my meatloaf than my dad. Or his other favorite, Spice Cake with Penuche Frosting.

My stepmom, me, and my dad in 2002 at my wedding open house

I’d love for you to join in on the Father’s Day fun by participating in the Pin It For Papa Giveaway and the chance to win a $300 gift card.

To enter:
*Follow’s Pinterest page.
*Repin an image from the Pin it for Papa board that most reminds you of the activites you love doing with your dad.  Don’t forget to add the hashtag #PinItForPapa
*Repin as many images as you want for a chance to win up to $300 in Visa gift cards.

Today is the last day to win for the chance to win a $300 gift card!  So hurry on over and get pinning! 

NOTE: The giveaway for the $100 Visa gift card (on this post) will end next Friday, June 14th at midnight EST. Leave a comment telling me what you like to do with your dad to be entered to win.

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  1. My dad has never really been a part of my life, but my step-dad stepped in when I was 8. Growing up, we butted heads. A lot. Our personalities just clashed. My mom really struggled to find something to patch up our frayed relationship. I started playing the viola in the 6th grade and developed a passion for classical music, a passion my step-dad shared. In high school, I found out students can purchase discounted tickets to the Utah Symphony. My mom suggested I invite my step-dad, and I did reluctantly. We had an AMAZING time!! After years of butting heads and struggling to understand each other, the symphony brought us together. It’s become our annual tradition to go to the Utah Symphony together. I look forward to each concert we attend, and I treasure the experience. Now we have a great relationship, and I look forward to many years of daddy-daughter dates to the symphony!

  2. I like going on drives with my dad. At a young age I would go with him to check on jobs, then as a whole family we would drive through the neighborhood and in the canyon. He knows every part of our state and its roads so he’s the best to drive with.

  3. As a child, I liked traveling with my dad. As an adult, I like listening to him tell stories about his life and his family when he was growing up.

  4. I was born on my Dad’s birthday and have his name. Amazingly, I also have his face, hands, and coloring. There aren’t too many things I can think of that I didn’t enjoy doing with my Dad. He was the best man I’ve ever known, excepting my own husband who is his equal. On June 20th, Dad will have been gone a year- the longest, hardest year of my life. But I have done so much good in his memory this year, I can’t help but think he’s proud of his daughter and namesake.

  5. Oh my dad and I love to take drives thru wildlife preserves and look for animals! Started when I was a child and I loved deer. So, he started taking me to look for them and I just loved it! We like to drive thru the preserves where its all woods and open fields, and nobody is around so the wildlife is out and about. We just love to sit and watch them!
    landfjacobson @

  6. Lindsey, that was a very nice tribute to your dad! Nicely done … I even enjoyed seeing that picture, one I had completely forgotten was in existence. It was nice to see mom again! I do miss her! I love that spice cake too! I’m glad it was one of your dad’s favorite desserts. Love, Mom

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