Tomorrow…is Thanksgiving!

You guys!  It’s here!  Turkey Day is tomorrow.  I was really excited and felt totally ready until last night.  Now I’m kinda feeling iffy.  So many last-minute things to do!  And dare I brave the grocery store for the items I inadvertently forgot to pick up last time I shopped?  Maybe I do.  Maybe I don’t.

I know I’ve been promising more Thanksgiving recipes…and I have not fulfilled that promise very well.  That is to say, over here I haven’t.  I’ve posted a few great recipes on the sites I contribute to that I think you’ll positively love.

First up, GF Cornbread Stuffing.  Per my husband’s request, my next perfect batch will include a bit of sausage.

And then there is this lovely, pink Cranberry Fluff that I can no longer live without.

My kids went gaga over these Flaky Pumpkin Biscuits with Maple Cinnamon Butter.  Thanksgiving breakfast maybe?

And finally, for dessert, Pumpkin Chai Tiramisu.  The cream!  The cream! The cream!  It was magnificent.  You totally want to try this riff on a classic, though not very Thanksgiving-y, Italian dessert.

I have finalized my menu.

*Turkey, of course
*Best-Ever Mashed Potatoes
*Sweet Potatoes (sans the sugar and marshmallows)
*Cornbread Stuffing with Leeks and Sausage (a GF version for myself)
*Rolls (I’m also making GF rolls just for me as I’ve already had a riot on my hands at the notion of an entirely GF Thanksgiving)
*Cranberry Chutney
*Mixed Green Salad with Apples, Nuts, Pomegranate, and some kind of creamy dressing…still working a bit on this
*Pumpkin Pie
*Maple Cream Tart (will make this gluten-free, of course)
*My husband’s doctored Mincemeat Pie (recipe coming…it’s so good!)

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  1. Can I come? :) Looks delicious. I will have to check out the cranberry recipe… we do something similar in my family and I love it!

  2. Your salad sounds like just the kind of recipe I’ve been searching for. I’ve had to settle for something else this year, since I’m not clever enough to come up with a salad on my own. But could you post your salad recipe when you figure it out? Thanks, and happy Thanksgiving!

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