I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You (Halloween 2012)

I want all of you that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy to know that my prayers are with you!  I have so many dear friends and family who live in those parts of the country and I’ve been worried sick about their safety.  I hope you all made it through the storm without too much damage!  I’m thinking of all of you today!

Our weather is so beautiful right now that it’s almost a crime.  It might get up to 70 degrees this afternoon.

Here are some things I’ve been meaning to tell you about–

If your kids come home with more candy than you know what to do with, I shared 6 Secrets to Dealing With All That Candy.

Need some recipe ideas using Halloween candy?

Annalise made Halloween Candy Bark that looks like something I need to make as soon as possible.

Carrian revamped her recipe for Reese’s Krispies.  (I think after the school Halloween parade someone is going to head to the supermarket to pick up some Rice Krispies…)  Her Milky Way Krispies also look amazing.

I’ve had my eye on Katrina’s Rolo Brownie Cake with Caramel Filling too.  Sigh…

Or non-candy recipes? :)

My other favorite Katrina made some gorgeous Pumpkin Muffins with Crystallized Ginger that I can’t get out of my mind and must make soon. (GF, of course.)

Need a last minute dinner idea?  What about healthy Vegan Chili with Gluten-Free Cornbread (it’s also vegan!) to warm you up?

I also love Jan’s Apple Dumplings.  (You might know her better as Jani Serendipity.)  I’m thinking as a pre-Thanksgiving treat for the kids.

My friend, Brock Cheney, wrote a book that I have been eagerly awaiting.  I met Brock through blogging and we discovered that he has known and worked with my father-in-law for years.  I can’t wait to give his book a proper review.  Seriously, I’ve been waiting for this book for a very long time.  I was interviewed for an article about Brock and his blog a few weeks ago.  You can read the article here and listen to his segment on Radio West from the beginning of this month.  Yay for Brock and all of his hard work!

And speaking of things I’ve been eagerly awaiting….

Source: 007.com via Lindsey on Pinterest

I have been counting down the days until Skyfall opens in the US.  (Did you know that I have a bit of a crush on Daniel Craig?  ‘Cause I kinda do.)

I’m trying to convince my husband (who knows about my wee crush) to take me to see it in IMAX.  Because one can never enjoy too much Daniel Craig, you see.  Have you heard the theme song yet?  Adele kills it.  Second best James Bond theme ever.  (The best one, in my opinion is “You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell from Casino Royale.)  Don’t think I’ve ever been quite so excited for a movie.  I’ve seen it being called one of the best Bond films ever.  Squee!

If I still had long hair, I would be dressing up as Adele tonight and my husband would be donning a tux, shaving his beard and getting a bit of a haircut, and introducing himself as “Bond.  James Bond.”

And now a few things to make you laugh…

A few reasons it’s good to date a Zombie from Melanie Donahoo.

My favorite cartoon.

Last but not least, I had tears rolling down my cheeks as I read 14 Steps To Follow Before You Decide To Have Children via Sarah Bryden-Brown.

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  1. That movie is going to be my first IMAX movie ever. Every time I go to the theater it takes all my restraint not to lie down next to the big cardboard promo and take my picture. Yay for Daniel Craig! I mean James Bond!!!

  2. Another thing to do with your candy: Take it in to Noodles and Company and your kids can get Mac & Cheese if they trade it in. (Now, this is at all Nebraska locations, I would think other states are doing it as well.)

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