Muir Glen Canned Tomato Experiment

Every Thursday from now on, I will bring you reviews and/or giveaways. It might be something I’ve found and loved on my own, or something that was sent to me to try.

For this week, I’m sharing a fun little experiment we took part in.  Muir Glen sent me an e-mail saying they wanted to send me a surprise. When I the box came in the mail, I was pleased to find this:

It’s like they knew me.  How much do I love playing America’s Test Kitchen?  SO MUCH.

I opened the both cans and the kids and I started testing things out.  I didn’t tell them anything about it.  I just asked which they though tasted better.  My kids are huge fans of tomato soup, salsa, and pretty much anything I make with tomatoes.

They loved this new game and took it very seriously.  “This one tastes like your homemade tomato soup,” said Lilly, who is almost 8.  She’s the most adventurous eater I have and is very interested in the taste and texture of different foods.

Can A on the left, B on the right

When my husband and his dad stopped home from a job they were working on, I pulled them into the kitchen to taste for themselves.  I didn’t turn the card over until the very end.

Upon looking at both cans side by side, I was sure I would like “A” more because of the appearance.  But who am I to judge a tomato by its can?

The winner? :)  I was actually surprised with the result.

It was a pretty unanimous, enthusiastic “B!”  The Muir Glen tomatoes had much better flavor–much more tomato flavor.  Awesome.  You can read more about what America’s Test Kitchen had to say.

How did I use these tomatoes?  Rest assured that they were turned into a delicious dinner.

Now I want to hear from you–what’s your favorite kind of canned tomato?  Do you bottle your own?  (That’s on my mind this time of year.)  What qualities do you look for in canned tomatoes?

Disclosure:  I was sent two cans of tomatoes and an issue of Cooks’ Illustrated.  I was not asked to blog about this, and my opinions are my own.

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  1. I am in love with the fire roasted tomatoes. I used to get them all the time at Trader Joe’s. Then when we moved to Utah and had our garden, we started bottling our own. Makes me want to run out and get a can right now. :)

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