Herb Flower Arrangements.

Our very wet Spring has left my garden plum full of lush herbs.  They are about to overtake the rest of the garden.  I’ll never use them fast enough in my cooking.  One of my favorite ways to take use herbs is in flower arrangements.  I’m no Martha, but this is something I’ve enjoyed doing for the past few years.  It looks pretty and smells fantastic.  And they last a long time.

The tall purple flowers came from my sage plant.  Their perfume is intoxicating.  I’ve put them into a jar with tall sprigs of Mediterranean oregano.

Silvery sage leaves fill this jar.  The are hearty and look sleek in a jar or small vase.

The roses are from my front flower beds.  I will replace them with fresh flowers in a few days and when the daisies are out, I’ll add them in somewhere.

The oregano is growing (almost) out of control. I’ve already split it several times since I first planted it. Think of it as you would mint–if not contained, it will take over the garden. That being said, I won’t get rid of it because I love the way it tastes and it will soon grow its own lovely purple flowers that when placed in a vase will stay fresh for over a week or more.

I could go out and buy real vases, but I’ve always loved reusing jars. I think that’s something I learned from my paternal grandmother. We share a love of glass jars and both of us often buy food that we may not otherwise eat except it comes in an interesting jar. (It’s a sickness.)

If you do this at your house, just be sure to change the water every few days so it doesn’t go cloudy or discolor.  You want it to be clean and clear.

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  1. I love reusing jars for vases and do it all the time. But what I love even more is this idea–so much so it’s been “pinned” to my “home” board. :) I only have a very small amount of herbs, so not enough to fill jars, but next year I’d love to plant more!

  2. So THAT’s what I can do with my sage flowers! They’re going crazy and crowding my tomatoes. If I can find a time when the bees aren’t swarming the sage bush, I’ll cut some. Thanks for sharing this! Great idea.

  3. Hey, I have that same thing about jars. Nice to know I’m not alone in this “sickness”. I can’t resist a cute jar–and hope for the best with the contents. Love the idea of herb arrangements. They look beautiful.

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