Nature’s Indulgence Granola.

I want to tell you about my new favorite granola from a local company out of Ogden, Utah. Nature’s Indulgence is newish company run by women. I know! That makes me even more happy than knowing it’s from a local company that uses all natural ingredients.

Nature’s Indulgence contacted me awhile back and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing their granola.  I might not have known about them otherwise.  And I would have really missed out on some seriously delicious granola.  We don’t usually buy granola because, well to be honest, there are some really bad granolas out there.  I don’t really hang out in the cereal section of the grocery store.  And there’s not a Whole Foods near my house, so you know…I’m really glad they e-mailed me.

By the way, I’m really choosy about what I review on here.  I only post about the products I really love and I think are worthy of your time, my dear readers.  Nature’s Indulgence fits that bill.  I hoarded and hid the granola so I could enjoy it at a leisurely pace.  Then my husband and kids found it and well, you know the end of that story!

They were gracious enough to include three sample bags of gluten-free granola.  (Can I tell you a secret?  I don’t want my family to know that I still have a little bit of the Lemon Blueberry hidden away to sprinkle on a new flavor of ice cream I’m working on.  Real, tangy lemon flavor with dried blueberries.  It’s fab.  I can’t wait to buy a big bag to hide.)

The bag pictured above is the NutBerry Maple.  It’s not chintzy on the goodies–tons of big juicy golden raisins, nuts, pumpkin seeds, coconut, dried cranberries, and more!  This was my husband’s favorite.

Sorry for the crappy picture, I wanted to show you all the good ingredients.  Nothing artificial.  All of the ingredients are things you probably have in your kitchen cupboard.  When you find a company that uses good ingredients, you know their product is going to be high quality.

This was one of my favorites, Vanilla Nut.  (Yes, I ate some of it.  Yes, it has wheat.  I couldn’t resist.)  Perfectly sweet and nutty.  All of the granola varieties we tried were delicious.  They were what you want all granola to be like.  Each component shines through in its own way, but there is also a nice melding of flavors when everything is mixed together.  I couldn’t get over the nuts in their granola.  So crunchy.

Now for my favorite of the gluten-free varieties.  Cranberry Almond.  Mmm.  I didn’t take pictures of the Mango Tango.  It was also delightful.

I made myself a little snack–a crispy apple, natural peanut butter, and granola.  My kids saw me and joined in the fun.  I patted myself on the back for a healthy, well-balanced snack that we could all enjoy together.

My kids thought it was super fun to dip their peanut buttered apples into the granola.

I am so in love with this granola.

Disclosure:  Nature’s Indulgence sent me granola to review for this blog.  My opinions are my own.  I never review anything that I don’t love or think my readers would be interested in.  If you have a product that you think I’d like to review, send me an e-mail at cafejohnsonia(at)gmail(dot)com.  We’ll chat. :)

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