Have You Tried: Tomatillos?

One of my favorite fruits/veggies is the tomatillo.

My advice? Try them as soon as possible.


Select tomatillos that are firm, green and about the size of a golf ball. Larger ones are fine, too, but I’ve found the smaller ones to be a little better.

You will probably see them in the produce department still in their papery husks. The husks are easy to peel back when you are selecting tomatillos to buy. When you get home, remove the husks and wash the tomatillos in running water to remove the sticky residue on the skin.

They can be used raw, broiled, boiled, or roasted.

My favorite recipes:

Tomatillo Serrano Chile Sauce
Creamy Tomatillo Dressing
Corn Chip Soup

Originally posted 08.04.07

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  1. I love Tomatillo Dressing! I need to make that again. Thanks for the reminder. I think you are amazing for posting while you are in the midst of moving!

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