BSF: Round Two

On Saturday afternoon we headed back up to BSF in Greenwich for another tasty, tasty burger.

This time we noticed there were ONION RINGS on the menu. I like to think of myself as an onion ring connoisseur. I adore onion rings. BSF onion rings did not disappoint. They were awesome.

You know how sometimes when you bite into an onion ring, it’s just a bunch of grease and a big, slippery, undercooked slice of onion? That’s kind of a disappointment, right?

Not so with BSF onion rings! They were so tender, yet crispy on the outside, that you could bite right through the yummy cornmeal breading into the onions. Nothing slippery about it.

The only thing missing was fry sauce. Now, if you don’t know what fry sauce is, then you have never visited the Western U.S. (Particularly Utah, where you can find it at most any hamburger place in pump form.) Basically it’s mayo and ketchup, sometimes with a little pickle relish mixed in. In any case, it’s delish.

Since we did take-out, it was easy enough to mix up some homemade fry sauce and we were in heaven with our delicious onion rings and juicy burgers. The fries, even though they were as good as the last time, had nothing on the onion rings.

(Did I mention that I’m still pregnant? This might account for my little love letter to onion rings today.)

If you are within 50 miles (even 100!) of Greenwich, I suggest you take a little road trip and head on over for one of the best burgers around.

Burgers, Shakes & Fries
302 Delavan Ave.
Greenwich, CT

(p.s. You’re welcome.)

And for those who are wondering…no baby yet. SIGH.

But, I told my husband that after the baby finally arrives, he better drive on over to Greenwich and get me a hamburger. (I figure I’ll sort of deserve it.)

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  1. That is a good lookin’ burger. I go to NY once a year to visit my sister, I’ll have to hit this place up next time I’m there. I’m with ya on the onion ring thing. When they are good, they are SOOOO good, and when they are bad…they are SOOOOO bad!!!!

  2. Oh you poor thing! I know exactly how you feel, been there done that. When you are ready to have that baby, you want it to happen NOW! Just keep on going friend! Good luck with everything!

  3. Tasty looking burgers. I have heard of fry sauce, but never tasted it. It does sound good though. Ohh, and good onion rings . . . I had some served up with a delicious filet steak at a pub up in Cumbria this past weekend and they were to die for, exactly as you described, meltingly tender on the inside without being slimey and crunchily yummy on the outside. Oh heck … grrrr…you have me wanting some now and it’s way too early in the day and I am way far away !

  4. Hi Cafe J, my sister has you on her links list on her blog and I have been meaning to check you out for forever! I just saw your comment on the Utah Hive list {I just joined, I think…} so I thought I would say hi!

    I don’t live in Utah anymore, but I am from there. We still own our house, any chance you want to buy it? Didn’t think so…

    Anyway, what brings you to Utah and where will you be living?

    Great blog by the way! Adding it to my links…

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