Marinated London Broil with Asian Spinach Salad

Marinated London Broil with Asian Spinach Salad
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For London broil:
2 lb. London Broil (with as much marbling as you can find)
1/2 cup gluten-free tamari
2 Tbsp. lime juice
4 garlic cloves, (smashed–I lay my chef’s knife flat and whack it hard)
1 tsp. fresh ginger, finely minced (or out of a jar, that’s what I do)
1/2 cup canola oil

For salad:
1 bag prewashed baby spinach leaves (about 10 oz?)
1 small can mandarin oranges, drained, but reserve juice
1 bell pepper (any color) thinly sliced
1/2 cup slivered almonds, toasted
2 green onions, sliced very thin
1 carrot, grated
chow mein noodles

For Dressing:
1/4 cup reserved mandarin orange syrup/juice
3 Tbsp. gluten-free tamari
2 Tbsp. lime juice
2 Tbsp. rice wine vinegar
2-4 Tbsp. sesame oil (depending on taste)
1 tsp. fresh ginger, minced (or from a jar)
a sprinkle of garlic powder


For London broil:
Place meat and all the marinade ingredients in a large Ziploc bag. Turn bag over to mix everything well and to coat the meat. Place the bag in a large bowl and refrigerate for at least 3 or 4 hours–more is fine.

Take the meat out of the fridge about a half hour before you want to start cooking it. It needs to be at room temperature. Discard the marinade and scrape off any large chunks of garlic or ginger so they won’t burn during cooking.

Heat a large cast-iron, or regular skillet (not non-stick) over high heat and add a small amount of oil to coat the bottom. The skillet is ready when the oil gives off small wisps of smoke. Add the meat to the pan. It should sizzle like crazy! That’s what you want to hear. Let it cook for 5-7 minutes on the first side. Check after 5 and see if the bottom is a nice, dark brown. Turn the meat over and let it cook for another 5-7 minutes. Depending on how rare you want it, remove the meat from the pan and let rest for about 20 minutes. You can check the temp. with an instant read thermometer. While it’s cooking on the last side, I stick the thermometer in sideways and when it is between 145 and 150 degrees, I know it’s ready. The temp will rise a little as it rests. Prepared this way, London Broil needs to be served more on the rare side, or it will be too tough to eat.

When the 20 minutes are up, slice the meat into thin strips and serve with salad and rice. The drippings left from the meat while it was resting can be added back to the pan. You can add a little water and make a pan sauce to serve over the meat and rice.

For salad:

Place everything in a large bowl and toss together. Add the dressing, or serve on the side.

For Asian Dressing:
Whisk everything together and pour over the salad.

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  1. ok, so i learned that you can’t really cook london broil in the crock pot, or can you? i made some rachel ray recipe and thought i’d be clever and stick it in the crock pot, but it didn’t work so well. i can’t wait to try this one. i’m your biggest fan!

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